Features available for registered suppliers

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RFQ (Request for Quotation) functionality for suppliers is now available. This is very similar to what the Buyers are using and will assist the supplier to obtain highly competitive prices for his own procurement requirements.
  • You can link your company to more than 38 000 material groups (product categories) and services, as well as brand names.
  • New brand names can be created if required.
  • You can publish your company brochure, logo, contact details, product catalogues, special offers and many other certificates or documents on the website.
  • Your website can be linked to ours.
  • Your company's profile can be viewed from the Business Directory page of our website.
  • Depending on your company's rank on our website, your company logo will be displayed on the Home or Business Directory pages.
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Monitor and manage your ‘Price Agreements/Contracts’ directly via the portal. You can proactively request price corrections or contract price adjustments where necessary directly through the portal.
The "Profiles.xls" file can be used to apply online as a vendor/supplier to a selected buyer.
If you are already doing business with a buyer organisation on our website, then various performance indicators will be available on our website. That will assist you to proactively take remedial action if required. Your company's performance profile is used by buyers when adjudicating quotes and tenders.
The RFQ's and Tenders are published through the business portal and available to any supplier who wishes to register and submit quotes.
  • Your tenders/quotes are submitted via WebPortunities directly to the buyer for evaluation
  • It is confidential, secure and cannot be changed
  • It is subject to a totally transparent and unbiased evaluation mechanism, using evaluation criteria as specified in the buyer's procurement policies

Sometimes buyers will formally request suppliers to submit quotes/tenders, but you do not have to wait for these invitations.

  • Quotes/tenders can be submitted on a continuous basis.
  • Proactively submit quotations for goods or services of choice without having to be invited by the buyer to submit a quotation.
Manage your purchase orders through your portal, including the ability to accept or reject a purchase order and to provide any other feedback to the buyer.

Features available for buyers

Our "RFQ and Tender" software includes a very sophisticated evaluation mechanism with evaluation criteria of choice. There is also a "scenario manager" with the ability to create and save one or more scenarios.
Suppliers can on a continuous basis submit prices for any of a buyer's requirements. The buyer will be warned when current prices are no longer competitive.
The buyer and supplier have a dynamic view of open purchase orders with a feedback facility via the business portal.
This includes a cross reference to material groups (product categories), services, brand names and uploaded documents/certificates with powerful search/filter functionality.
Obtain revenue from disposal of surplus/redundant stock. Automatically identified Items are easily published to portal for anyone to bid on your “For Sale” items.
Numerous, customizable supply chain reports are available. New ones can be created seamlessly.
The buyer and supplier have a dynamic view of suppliers' performance based on a range of performance indicators.
Buyers' performance based on a range of performance indicators is available.
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Your requirements for products, services, projects, capital equipment can be displayed on our website without manual intervention, and the data can be refreshed at intervals of choice. Any supplier can respond, but you will know during the evaluation process whether or not a supplier must still be approved.
All required documents subsequent to business award, for example price agreements, contracts and purchase orders, are automatically emailed to suppliers and published on our website for retrieval by suppliers.
This includes price movement analysis, comparison with market prices, acceptance or rejection of price amendments requested, and warning of expiry of current contracts or price agreements.
Use our facility to rate suppliers/vendors before you add them to your own database. Automate and simplify your supplier profiling and on-boarding process.
Our solution contains comprehensive internal audit functionality that protects the buyer and assists the internal auditor to quickly perform an audit using multiple criteria of choice.

Features available for casual visitors (including suppliers and buyers)

Of particular interest is the ability to search for suppliers with "Special Offers", using the Business Directory page. You can search for suppliers with special offers for specific product categories or services or brand names, and in a specified country/town.

You also have the ability to subscribe (at no cost) to "Special Offers" from one or more suppliers. So when that "Special Offer" changes, you'll get notified via email (MS Office 2007 or better is required for the notification feature). For your convenience, the "Special Offers" and all the other downloadable documents show expiry dates.

With our "Duplicate Finder" solution, we can quickly identify possible duplicates in your data. We provide you with the results including a "similarity score", so that you can take remedial action. Contact us if you need more information on this.
The Business Directory page of our website will assist you to find potential suppliers of your requirements by Company Name, Material Group (Product Category) or Service classification, Brand Name, Special Offers, Types of downloadable Documents/Certificates, Country and Town. Full contact details are available.
Buyer organisations that have surplus or redundant stock can display it on our website, so that any interested party can submit an offer.

Our website makes use of RSS feeds (Really Simple Syndication). RSS feeds are identified by this image. By clicking on this image you will be able to subscribe to the relevant area, item, or file. So when a change occurs you will be notified via email (MS Office 2007 or better is required for the notification feature).

The “News & general information” area on our Home page contains important notifications about new tenders and other news items. We recommend that you subscribe to this area, or visit it at least once a day. Learn more about RSS feeds.

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