Contact Name: Tony du Preez
Contact Photo: Photo Not Available
Company Name: Foskor Richards Bay
Company Classification: N/A
Company Type: N/A
Company Registration No: FPL3456
Company Age (Months): -11111
Job Title:
Email Address:
Telephone: 00027 35 902 3021
Mobile Phone: 083 273 1334
Address1: PO Box 208
Address2: 21 John Ross Parkway
Town: Richards Bay
Zip/Post Code: 3900
Country Name: South Africa
Website Address:


Foskor is internationally respected for competing with determination in the profitable and responsible beneficiation of phosphates to the sustained benefit of all stakeholders.


Foskor continues to earn the respect of stakeholders by competing internationally in the beneficiation of phosphates. We take pride in our heritage of creating value through profits.


Any undertakings with the Foskor family will be:

  • Resolved as per our competitive advantage;
  • Responsibility handled and followed through with impeccable execution;
  • Respected considered, advised and delivered; and

Rewarded generously and consistently.